Winter trail

The red Book through the myth-making to the law
EDITOR's NOTE: There has never been such a massive attack on Russian hunting. The most common gray goose, gray duck, turtledove, and similar birds are "driven" into the forbidden list.…

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Bow and crossbow: history of weapons
In the modern world, everyone can choose a hobby and sport according to their capabilities and wishes. As a result of the freedom of choice, there is now an increased…

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Meeting with a wild boar
I will make a reservation that I am not a hunter, so the story I told will not tell about the trophies I got. This happened in the distant eighties,…

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Hunting using a lab

The lab is used for various types of hunting animals, ranging from badgers and raccoons to large predators. The position and conditions in this difficult hunt are mandatory for all other types of hunting.

The basic conditions of hunting.

The first necessary condition – it is necessary to “hide” the smell of the hunter sitting in the “sit-in”, this is due to the fact that all animals, both predators and ungulates, have an excellent sense of smell. Continue reading

Duck hunting with an air rifle

Seasoned experts in the forest hunting for a duck with a pneumatic rifle may seem worthless fun – this rifle is less “serious” compared to firearms. But it is much easier and more interesting for beginners to start hunting with Pneumatics. Immediately it is worth noting that the shooting technique in this case will be seriously different from shooting with a firearm. For example, when calculating a shot, you should take into account the force and direction of the wind to tighten the sight in the right direction. And before you go hunting, you should practice, perhaps even in the dash, so as not to get lost in the area – any hesitation will lead to a significant deviation of the bullet from the target. Continue reading

Moose hunting with huskies

Elk-the king of the Siberian forest. And to get elk horns as a trophy is the dream of many hunters. There are several ways to hunt this animal – from the approach, the paddock, but perhaps one of the most exciting and truly native Russian species – hunting elk with dogs. This is quite a difficult way, but if you know and follow a few basic rules. It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of dogs for such hunting. It is best to take the most hunting dog-Laika and train it for elk rut. The animal must have several basic qualities. First of all, this is a good flair. The husky should feel the moose in the whole forest, not just in some separate area. Continue reading

Fox hunting in winter

The Fox in Russian forests is one of the most common animals. It is found in the Central part of the country and even in Kamchatka. Its fur is valuable for the production of fur coats and other products. Especially valuable is the skin of a Fox caught in winter – this fur is thicker, and, as a rule, Golden-red color. Fox hunting in winter is officially allowed from September to March. During this time, you can use different ways to hunt this animal-from the approach, from the paddock, with semolina or dogs. The Fox is a nocturnal predator. In close time of day it hunts mice-voles, and during the day it lies somewhere in the shade or a hollow.

Winter Fox hunting from the approach requires special care and observation. The Fox is a very careful animal, and it does not cost anything to deceive an inexperienced hunter. Continue reading

Goose hunting with profiles

Goose hunting with profiles has been unfairly neglected by hunters lately. But this is a rather interesting way to hunt a bird, which only at first glance seems difficult.

The most convenient time for hunting geese is spring, when birds migrate from wintering sites. The goose is a gregarious animal, they move in groups and stick to each other. Usually for days and nights, geese choose floodplains and floodplains of rivers, where they settle on Islands that are not flooded with meltwater. As a rule, near such Islands, thickets are always formed, in which the hunter can hide and wait for a convenient opportunity to shoot. But when there are no such bushes, or they are in an inconvenient position, you can lure the bird to a more convenient place. Continue reading

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