"Please go to the trunk"
Recently, for all the weapons in our country is responsible Regardie. And all owners of guns now have to deal with it, and not with the Ministry of internal Affairs.…

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Duck hunting with an air rifle
Seasoned experts in the forest hunting for a duck with a pneumatic rifle may seem worthless fun – this rifle is less "serious" compared to firearms. But it is much…

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Test of Filin-200 LTE/4G camera traps and SEELOCK S378
HUNTERS-so called people with a gun, or other tools of production, the purpose of which is to get the beast. The modern hunter bears little resemblance to the hunter of…

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Signs of hunters

Regardless of their belief in the supernatural, many hunters are quite superstitious. Some signs are widespread, some have their own beliefs. Common bad signs are considered:

Meeting with unfriendly people who can jinx your luck. It is also dangerous to meet with scoffers and mischievous people. A particularly bad omen is considered to intersect with a woman, especially an old woman.

If a hunter, going out on the road, sees an undesirable person in front of him, who can turn away his luck on the hunt, he turns off the road, bypasses the traveler and, hiding somewhere, waits until a woman or an unkind person passes by. If a woman or an ill-wisher does cross his path, the hunter often decides to return home, no longer hoping for a successful hunt. Then, after some time, the hunter goes on a completely different road for the prey.

Women know about this sign and try not to cross the path of hunters. It is noteworthy that this sign does not apply to unmarried girls.

1. Meeting on the road with empty carts or firewood also does not accompany a successful hunt. To cross with a full cart of straw, bread, or something else, on the contrary, is considered a very good sign.

2. If the hunter, going for prey, hears the cry of a crow or the hoot of an owl or owl, then also do not wait for luck.

3. It is considered a special failure to hear the following phrases:

– for the hunter: “bring a wing»;

– for the trapper: “bring a tail or fur»;

– for the fisherman: “bring scales from the fish.”

These words are often deliberately teased by hunters, just for fun, although such “parting” words promise failure. Some hunters of jokers can beat them for this.

4. In order that bad meetings and words do not interfere with the hunt, there is a sure remedy. Hunter needs to bathe himself, bathe his dog, and spray water on the hawk.

5. Fishermen have another interesting sign: you can not pour water into the bucket where the catch will be sent until the first fish is there. But this sign is rather individual.

6. Pellets or buckshot taken from the body of a dead animal or bird are very valuable for hunters. They put them in new charges that are now believed to hit the target accurately.

7. Almost all hunters and anglers believe the assumption that if the first shot is missed, and the first fish falls off the hook, the entire enterprise is doomed to failure. This happens to overly adventurous hunters, even those who do not particularly believe in omens. And the reason is the simplest-the hunter gets hot, shows impatience, which leads to inattention and a miss.

But, surprisingly, many experienced hunters have a sign that, on the contrary, if the first shot is missed, then the hunt will be outstanding. And this is often confirmed. Moreover, if the hunter tries to specifically miss – this belief ceases to work. But these are more personal biases that serve as confirmation of how closely thought and action are interlinked.

It is worth noting that hunters have a huge number of personal signs, to list all of them-not enough time or effort!

So that nor fluff, nor pen you!

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