Hours for hunting and outdoor activities
It would seem that why buy a special wrist watch for hunting? After all, there is, for example, a phone that shows the time. But the point of hunting watches…

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Hours for hunting and outdoor activities

It would seem that why buy a special wrist watch for hunting? After all, there is, for example, a phone that shows the time. But the point of hunting watches is that they are able not only to show the current time, but also to combine several sensors and devices necessary in hunting conditions. Compact and lightweight, they are conveniently attached to the wrist and report the data of the compass, barometer or thermometer-it all depends on the specific model.The hunter’s watch is a specialized tool for a harsh and sometimes dangerous sport. And to make a choice, pay attention to the recommendations below.

Time measurement
A clock is more than just checking the current time. They help travelers find out the local time when changing time zones, and when hunting or camping, you may also need an alarm clock for early or night hunting. Note also models that can measure small time intervals using a countdown timer, stopwatch, and calendar. And then everything will go according to plan.

If you choose a watch for hunting or Hiking, the presence of a built-in compass will be very useful. Adventures will be safer if you always know where you are. Usually an electronic compass is used, which is oriented to the earth’s magnetic pole. To match the maps, you can enter the value of the magnetic declination angle in the settings. The more advanced the technique, the better. The most accurate information and even the ability to fix the track is provided by a watch with a GPS receiver.

Additional function
The more information you have about the environment, the more successful the hunt will be. Modern watches have a very wide Arsenal. The altimeter helps you determine the height you have climbed. The barometer and thermometer will give an idea of the ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, and also signal a sharp change in the weather in the near future. The phases of the moon, the function of tides will prompt the activity of a particular game and fish.

If you are interested in outdoor activities or go to hard-to-reach places-all functions of the watch should work properly for you and be distinguishable in any conditions and at any time of the day. Glow-in-the-dark hands or the General illumination of the dial will prove their value in difficult times, when it will be vital. But don’t forget to turn off auto – illumination-it’s not necessary in an ambush.

Protection from water
Water protection is one of the most important parameters of a wrist watch. Contact with water occurs constantly: from the protruding sweat on the hand to the rain during the pursuit of prey. To ensure that the gadget does not fail, look at the watch that can withstand water pressure of at least 10ATM. Smaller parameters will only be enough to wash your hands, but the protection of 200 meters (20ATM) or more will even allow you to dive with scuba gear. This way you can safely move around without worrying that the clock will fail.

When you buy a hunting watch, you must be sure that it will stand up to any circumstances. Without impact resistance anywhere. The case must withstand a direct collision with the ground if you fall, and the mechanism does not lose accuracy due to shaking on bumps or recoil of the shot.

One of the most famous and reliable shock – resistant watches today is the Japanese Casio G-SHOCK. Almost everyone who has ever been interested in wristwatches knows about their unsurpassed quality. The g-s cases are double-Sided: the inner steel hides the mechanism, and the top of it is additionally protected by a casing made of durable plastic. All blows are extinguished by inertia, not reaching the heart of the clock. And the quartz movement itself is not so affected by external influences, such as vibrations or magnetic fields.

In the CasioGA-100-1A2 watch, you will find the legendary protection and a brutal 55mm diameter case. Diving water protection of 200 meters, a convenient combined dial, a wide range of basic functions, such as a stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/1000 seconds, a countdown timer for a day, world time and several alarm clocks – all of them turn this watch into a reliable companion for every day and in special conditions. Even if you buy a diving watch, you can apply its quality in any non-standard situation.

You will only have to choose a design from the presented line. Another great color option is absolutely black Casio GA-100-1A1.

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