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Choosing an amphibious all-terrain vehicle? ARGO – no barriers in winter or summer!

A tempting prospect, to find a transport that would have excellent cross-country ability in any terrain conditions, on any soil and even on water? Let’s tell you a secret, there are such amphibious ATVs and they have been used for a long time where they have only heard about roads on the radio. We present to your attention the canadian amphibious vehicles of the ARGO brand, which start even in 40 degree frosts, combine an all-terrain vehicle, a boat and a snowmobile, they can comfortably transport up to six people or up to 680 kilograms of payload, and this is not all the advantages of this brand!

The ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicle is one of the best-in-class all-terrain vehicles not only for hunting and fishing, but also for outdoor activities and work. There are no barriers for it, whether it is swamp, snow, off-road or water barriers. In any element, he feels confident, and easily copes with any obstacles.

Where are they used?
Due to their excellent performance, all-terrain vehicles are widely used in various fields to meet the transport needs of individuals and organizations.

First of all, all-terrain vehicles of the ARGO brand are successfully used for private use:

Travel and tourism;
Extreme sport.
In addition to private use, these all-terrain vehicles have proven themselves well in the commercial sphere:

Patrolling nature reserves;
Maintenance of oil and gas pipelines;
Maintenance of power lines;
Geological exploration;
Hunting farm;
Agricultural industry;
Transport in hard-to-reach areas;
Work of the Ministry of emergency situations (first aid, fire fighting, oil spill response, etc.).
Let’s sort it out in order.

Hunting. First of all, these all-terrain vehicles are excellent companions for hunters. All-terrain vehicles are equipped with special low-pressure tires with a special tread, thanks to which ARGO is equally effective in moving on off-road, swamps and water and has excellent maneuverability. In summer, ARGO can be safely stormed not only country roads, which are beyond its reach, but also serious obstacles, such as blurred soil, ravines, swamps, lakes and rivers (all ARGO models are amphibious). As for winter hunting, the ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicle is not afraid of snowdrifts, snowstorms, or frosts!

Fishing. Do not forget about fishermen, for whom ARGO amphibious vehicles, as well as for hunters, will be faithful companions. Those most cherished reservoirs, which are not easy to reach even with a prepared car, will open before you without much trouble, you only need to go in their direction on the ARGO all-terrain vehicle. On all-terrain vehicles of this brand, you can easily and in a very short time to get to the most inaccessible fishing spots. Is there a small river in front of you? You don’t need a boat, just point the Rover in the right direction and that’s it. ARGO-amphibious all-terrain vehicle!

Commercial use. In addition to fishing and hunting, ARGO amphibious vehicles are successfully used in business, which significantly reduces your costs and saves your money! They are indispensable in the construction and maintenance of gas and oil pipelines and power lines. ARGO is also used for laying optical cables, in agriculture, the defense industry, and for patrolling protected areas and closed territories. You can buy ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicles to perform special tasks, such as rescue and evacuation operations when fighting forest fires and other natural disasters.

Why buy ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicles?
ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicles have been manufactured in Canada since 1967, and for more than 15 years of the brand’s history in Russia, THEY have become the most popular and reliable assistants in work and recreation in difficult terrain.

Additional confidence in the quality of canadian amphibious vehicles is given by the fact that they have been in demand for many years by companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft, FGC and LUKOIL. Major geological and oil and gas companies regularly use them as “scouts” for short-term trips, and for long-term remote work in severe weather conditions.

Throughout the time since the start of sales, the manufacturer is constantly improving its products, trying to take into account the needs of each ARGO user, and when identifying weaknesses, they are immediately eliminated. The quality and technical characteristics of the models are also improving.

Capacity. First of all, these amphibious all-terrain vehicles can easily accommodate up to six people on Board. This plus will appeal to those who like to relax in large companies or go to nature with the whole family! In ARGO technology, everyone will be comfortably accommodated and arrive at their destination in complete safety.

Carrying. ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicles have an impressive load capacity-up to 680 kg. in Addition to six people who can comfortably accommodate on Board, you can take food, spare clothing, tents or other equipment necessary for the journey. And on the water, ARGO is able to hold a little more than half a ton of payload – 580 kg.

Tactical and technical characteristics. ARGO amphibious vehicles are available in two versions 6×6 and 8×8. Almost all models are equipped with petrol four-stroke two-cylinder upper-valve V-shaped engines, with electronic fuel injection. What is the advantage of this, you ask? With these characteristics, ARGO all-terrain vehicles have excellent traction and speed indicators on rough terrain, spending a minimum amount of fuel on this! This is a dream for off-road enthusiasts!

The bottom of each car has reliable protection. This is not a manufacturer’s reinsurance, but an urgent need, if you remember what snags and stones are able to pass all-terrain vehicles. The extremely low center of gravity and special wheel tread, as well as the ability to install tracks, make ARGO cars universal vehicles for off-road driving.

Maneuverability. ARGO all-terrain vehicles can be easily deployed on the spot. In an impassable forest, when you decide to go around an insurmountable obstacle, this feature will be just in time.

The possibility of tuning? Why not?
In addition to the fact that ARGO amphibious vehicles have impressive advantages over their counterparts, the manufacturer offers to increase them! This is facilitated by an impressive list of additional equipment that can be installed on an amphibious all-terrain vehicle:

Tracks: plastic (standard and extra-wide) or rubber with the possibility of installing metal spikes.

Protection: connectors, chassis security, side covers, mudguards, underride protection and lighting equipment.

Comfort: lowering windshields, quick-release running covers and rear seats with backs, windscreen wipers and interior heaters, rear footrests and tool bags, Parking lights, handrails, winches, kits for installing winches on the towbar, and floating trailers.

For use on water: bilge pump and outboard motor bracket.

Utilitarian use: trailers, removable towbars, generators, snow removal dumps, stretchers.

Other accessories: stretchers, sets for installing winches, pallets of cargo compartments, sets of brackets for transportation by helicopter, “dump truck body” and others.

Video for those who still have doubts!
ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicles-New items in 2017
This year, the canadian company ODG released a completely new line of amphibious all-terrain vehicles, which included models not only for outdoor activities, but also for commercial use. All new items can be divided into three separate series.

The Frontier series is a low-cost entry-level amphibious all-terrain vehicle. This is the universal series, from small ATV models 6×6 Frontier, to a full-size, eight-wheel all-terrain vehicle amphibious 8×8 Frontier S. All eight models included in this series with new 4-stroke dual overhead valve V-twin engine Kohler Command Pro power from 19 to 26 HP with electronic fuel injection and air cooling.

The Avenger series is represented by amphibious all-terrain vehicles that have maximum off-road qualities. It is worth noting that these models are already successfully used around the world, in completely different climatic conditions. ARGO all-terrain vehicles of this series are equipped with a 30 HP Kohler Aegis LH775 engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection, which provide enough power to move around any type of terrain.

By the way, most models in this series are equipped with a revolutionary “ADMIRAL” transmission, which makes steering easier and smoother, and the distribution of torque significantly reduces the load on the chassis and increases maneuverability. Also, all-terrain vehicles of this series have the option of selecting the transmission torque: high speed or high power, depending on the customer’s desire.

The Conquest series includes amphibious all-terrain vehicles for commercial and industrial use. Lineup the series features a powerful frames of profile pipes; the rod with diameter of 38 mm enclosed in housings with oil-bath; enhanced stars and chains with automatic lubrication system; powerful generator, feeding maintenance-free batteries of increased capacity, and enhanced rotor belt; belt chains special design allowing to produce the stretch from two sides, etc. All this allows you to use models of the Conquest series in the most difficult conditions with up to 680 kg of payload on Board, and with the use of an 8-wheel floating trailer, this figure can be increased to 1315 kg of payload, while the Conquest models are serviced much less often, and their ergonomics greatly simplifies this process.

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