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Badger fat

We have received information about many effective means of folk medicine that have long been used in Russia. One of them is badger fat. Given the growing interest in medicines created by nature itself, the healing properties of this unique substance should be considered in more detail

Badger fat-medicinal properties and contraindications
In Siberia and the far East, the badger has long been a desirable prey for hunters, since the fur of these animals is able to keep warm in the most severe frosts. In addition, the miners smeared the skin of their hands and face with subcutaneous badger fat to protect themselves from chapping and frostbite. Gradually, people noticed that the fat of these animals is able to heal wounds, and began to use it to treat skin diseases and a number of other diseases. The effect exceeded all expectations and badger fat gradually became one of the most common and universal means of folk medicine.

A badger is a fairly large animal. Some extracted males weighed up to 35 kg, although the weight of average specimens is no more than 20 kg. the most abundant reserves of subcutaneous fat are fed by the beginning of winter, so hunting for badgers in order to get the maximum amount of fat is most effective in late autumn. For hunting, burrowing dogs are traditionally used, traps are used, or animals are ambushed and shot near burrows late in the evening or at dawn.

When trapping and (or) shooting hunting animals, it is prohibited to use standard leg-grabbing holding traps with steel arcs for trapping a wolf, raccoon dog, raccoon polosun, lynx, badger, forest marten, sable, ermine, otter, beaver, muskrat, except for trapping a wolf in order to regulate its number.

Healing properties of badger fat
Numerous written evidence has come down to us that badger fat was successfully used to treat many diseases several centuries ago. Healers used this product both externally, as part of compresses and rubs, and internally, mixing with milk or tea. It is worth noting that even then it was noticed that some patients are contraindicated medicinal fat. For example, like any other fatty product, this drug worsened the condition of patients suffering from pain in the liver.

Today, scientists have been able to explain the medicinal properties of badger fat by analyzing its composition in detail. This natural product contains a significant amount of medicinal substances:

vitamins a, E, PP;
total complex of water-soluble b vitamins;
oleic, linolenic and other organic acids;
protein-digesting enzymes and other enzymes;
lots of microelements necessary for a person.
What is useful for badger fat – what does it help?
The ability of organic acids to give products bactericidal properties and help with diseases of the cardiovascular system is known. Taking “beauty vitamins” A and E is useful and dramatically improves the condition of the skin and hair, and many doctors seriously consider oleic acid as one of the substances that can prevent the appearance and development of cancer. Badger fat has long been successfully used in the treatment of colds, atherosclerosis, stomach and intestinal diseases, as well as severe lung ailments, including pneumonia, asthma, pleurisy and tuberculosis.

Even representatives of traditional medicine, many of whom are biased about almost all “folk” remedies, recognize the real benefits of taking this healing fat for the health of people with weakened immunity and General exhaustion of the body. Clinical studies have confirmed that badger subcutaneous fat reduces blood pressure, stabilizes the hormonal background, increases men’s potency and helps women with reproductive system dysfunctions.

How to take badger fat – are there any contraindications?
With external use of badger fat, patients usually do not have problems. The only category of people to whom it is contraindicated, even in the form of compresses and rubs – are people who have an increased sensitivity to this natural drug.

However, when taking badger fat orally (inside), all patients should be careful. If you buy a medicine in capsules at a pharmacy, you should carefully study the instructions for use, and even better, consult your doctor in detail.

Before using badger fat, consult a specialist!

It is especially important to study contraindications and seek medical advice for patients with diagnosed diseases of the liver and pancreas, since any fatty substances are a source of increased load for these organs.

Only a specialist can give qualified advice on how to properly take badger fat to people of a particular age, explain whether it is possible to take it to children and pregnant women. Even such a powerful medicine, given to man by nature, requires a careful and reasonable attitude.

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