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The visit to Tyumen
In mid-June, as one of the editors of our site, I was invited to an information tour organized by the Department of consumer market and tourism of the Tyumen region.…

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“Please go to the trunk”

Recently, for all the weapons in our country is responsible Regardie. And all owners of guns now have to deal with it, and not with the Ministry of internal Affairs. The young Department seems to be coping with the new powers. But there are a great many questions for citizens who have weapons or want to buy them. They were able to ask them (over the phone or on the Internet) for several hours thanks to MK. In a straight line with the Russians, a leading weapons expert of the country Colonel Regardie Svetlana TERNOVA.

Even before the start of the direct line, we asked Svetlana Vasilyevna — why did Rosgvardiya need to” take away ” weapons from the Ministry of internal Affairs?

— There is a simple logic that allows us to understand why control over the circulation of weapons was transferred from the Ministry of internal Affairs to the Russian guard. The fact is that weapons used to rhyme with criminal crime, but now they rhyme with extremism, which the Russian guard is called to counter. That is, if earlier we were afraid that these weapons would fall into the hands of criminals, bandits, robbers, and rapists, now we are called upon to prevent these weapons from falling into the hands of extremists. This is a fundamental difference. Fortunately, citizens do not always feel it, but we, the Russian guard, understand this perfectly well. And we understand, in particular, how attractive both collection arsenals and the arsenals of private security organizations are for extremists. And with this in mind, our hunters, who would like to have weapons in any quantity and shoot them in different seasons, will have to be patient. Accept the restrictions.

— They don’t contradict the Constitution?”

— The constitutional court has repeatedly assessed these restrictions. The court drew attention to the fact that weapons, especially with a rifled barrel, by virtue of their technical characteristics, pose an increased public threat. The hunters will have to accept it.

I warn you in advance the same type of questions that citizens ask: why do you need five years of experience with smoothbore weapons before you get the right to purchase a rifled weapon? Why do I need to limit the store’s capacity? Why can’t I have more than 5 rifled barrels? And so on. When people ask such questions, they emphasize that criminals do not need these restrictions, they will never follow them, and law-abiding citizens are an unnecessary burden.

— Isn’t that so?”

— This is a purely civil view of things. So say citizens who are not criminals, on the one hand. And on the other they are not unlike employees of Regardie professional crime fighters. So their reasoning is wrong. It seems to them that the decrease in armed crime in Russia occurs as if by itself. The number of crimes involving weapons that were committed in Russia in the first 9 months of 2016 is only 2,440. And with the use of registered weapons and at all 391.

“That’s good!

“That’s good! I completely agree with you. But citizens should understand that this is the result of all restrictions combined. And the same applies to the Federal pool library (many crimes are solved using its data). All these measures allowed first the Ministry of internal Affairs, and now the Russian guard to maintain order in the circulation of weapons and prevent rampant armed crime in the country.

And here are the first calls.

Gas pistol – in the trash?

— Tell me, how many owners of civilian, that is, hunting weapons are there in the country?

— Russia dominates the smooth-bore guns. It has 4 million 340 thousand citizens. Then, with a sharp lag, we have a hunting rifled barrel — only 884 thousand owners. Ah and weapons limited destruction-908.

– Good afternoon, Pavel from Moscow is worried. I don’t know what to do with a 9 mm gas pistol — it’s impossible to get cartridges. Maybe it’s time to turn it in.

“Maybe it’s time to pass.” In many documents, these guns were written: gas weapons with the ability to fire a rubber bullet. But in fact, this class of weapons has never existed. That is, the ability of a gas pistol to fire a traumatic cartridge is an additional option. And now I absolutely do not exclude the fact that you really can not buy cartridges for a gas pistol. Manufacturers are not interested in making these cartridges, since the interest of citizens in gas weapons has sharply decreased. People are giving up these weapons.

“Let’s say I turn it in.” Can I get a traumatic weapon instead of a gas one?

— You can not get “instead of it”, you can apply for a license to purchase other weapons of any type at your discretion, including a traumatic gun.

— Do you need a medical certificate for this?

“Yes, of course.

– Good afternoon, my name is Vladimir Vladimirovich. I have a 6p42 gas pistol. Now this type of weapon is not very popular, in the course of trauma. Is it not possible to officially change it to a traumatic one through the Ministry of internal Affairs system? This way I will be able to get a job — some companies ask me to have a traumatic gun…

— As for the repair and alteration of weapons, you can contact the division of Rosgvardiya, get a referral-and the plant that will take this order, will alter your gun and give you a document. But this is in theory. To be honest, I very much doubt that the factories would find it profitable to undertake such private orders. You can try. Call the factories that have a license to produce weapons, talk to them, and if you manage to conclude a contract with them, then there will be no difficulties on the part of the Rosgvardiya division.

I have a counter question for you — do you want to engage in illegal security activities with these weapons?

“Why illegal?” I’ve been working as a security guard for more than 20 years.

— Don’t you know that only weapons belonging to a legal entity can be used in private security activities?” What personal weapons are you talking about?

— In some ads, they say: we employ a security guard with a personal traumatic weapon.

— It does not mean that this personal traumatic weapon will be used in the course of providing security services. This is out of the question. This is about something else. Many employers have in mind that if the job applicant is already the owner of a weapon, then in their eyes this is an additional guarantee of its reliability, primarily medical compliance. Therefore, in any case, it should not be understood that private security organizations put people on posts with personal weapons. These offices are risking their license.

“Don’t bother Resguardo, and it won’t bother you»

“Good afternoon, I’m a reserve Colonel.” The Ministry of internal Affairs issued me a permit for the right to keep and carry premium weapons. Do I need to go to your firm now?

– Permission to keep and carry premium weapons is no longer subject to renewal. It is not issued for 5 years, like other permits. Accordingly, you have it — and you can keep and carry your award weapons on this basis.

— That is, do not disturb the Rosgvardiya?

— No. And Regardie you in turn will not bother.

— I own a rifled weapon and I want to renew my permit.” Do you need to submit an application via the public services website?

— We have two mechanisms for submitting applications in order to extend the current permit. You can apply in person and electronically.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you and our readers that we have reviewed more than two million electronic applications over the past 9 months (and in General, 51% of “weapons” public services are provided in electronic form).

— I have a clarifying question. I first have to make a control shooting, and then submit an application through the public services portal?

— The fact is that in order to attend the control shooting procedure, you must get a referral. Therefore, of course, it is best for you to contact the Rosgvardiya authority first, get a referral for a control shooting and simultaneously submit an application. As you wish.

And I draw your attention to the fact that you, as the owner of a weapon with a rifled barrel, bear this burden yourself, and of course no one will do it for you. Of course, you also know that the entire procedure of control shooting is performed at your expense, your cartridges are used (at least three per barrel) and, in addition, you are obliged to transport your own resources to the place of control shooting.

— By the way, when I wanted to extend the permit for the storage of weapons, I was required to bring an additional certificate for the absence of drugs in my body. Is this necessary?

— If you have a valid permit, you do not have to submit any additional documents, that is, only an application and a passport. And that’s all.

“Thank you very much.”

– Good day! We decided to give the gun to an old hunter. It already has a permit, valid until 2019. He came to get a license for this gun, and they made him go through all the medical examinations. Right?

“Of course it’s wrong. There is an order of the Ministry of internal Affairs as early as 1999: “If a citizen of the Russian Federation applies to the internal Affairs bodies for a license again within 5 years, he / she only submits an application and documents indicating that the previously stated personal data have been changed.” That’s all. Nothing has changed.

— Hello. This is Kuznetsov, the country’s honored shooting coach and master of sports. All my life I fought with weapons.

— In what sense did you fight, you are an athlete?

– I mean, I talked to guns. Why do people like me have to pass an exam for people who studied with me in order to renew a permit for some kind of weapon?

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