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Note hunter

The hunter must have a hunting ticket and other necessary documents, as well as comply with a number of requirements, restrictions and prohibitions.

Hunting (including collective hunting involving two or more hunters) is associated with the search, tracking, and pursuit of hunting resources, their extraction, primary processing, and transportation. For the purpose of bringing to responsibility, the presence of individuals in hunting grounds with hunting tools and (or) hunting products, hunting dogs, hunting birds is equated to hunting (p. 5 of article 1, part 2 of article 57 of the Law of 24.07.2009 N 209-FZ; p. 5 of The rules, UTV. By order of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia of 16.11.2010 N 512).

Hunting rules include requirements for safety and restrictions on hunting, requirements for hunting certain types of animals, for the conservation of hunting resources, and other requirements.

Reference. Hunting resources

Hunting resources are recognized as objects of the animal world that are used or can be used for hunting purposes (item 1 of article 1 of the Law N 209-FZ).

Documents necessary for the implementation of hunting

When hunting, in particular Amateur and sports, you must have the following documents (p. 16 of article 1, part 3 of article 8, article 14, p. 1 of part 3 of article 20, article 21, 29-31 of the Law N 209-FZ; p. 3.2 of the Rules N 512; Order of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia from 29.08.2014 N 379):

1) a hunting license;

2) permission to carry and store hunting weapons-if these weapons are used during hunting;

3) permission to extract hunting resources. It is issued for the extraction of ungulates, bears, birds and fur animals, and the permit for the extraction of ungulates and bears is issued for the capture or shooting of one individual;

4) a permit (a document confirming the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services in the field of hunting) – if the hunt is carried out in fixed hunting grounds;

5) permission to keep and breed hunting birds-if they participate in hunting.

All documents that give the right to hunt, the hunter must carry with him and present at the request of employees authorized to control the conduct of hunting (paragraph 3.3 of the Rules N 512).

At the expiration of the term of the mining permit hunting resources, or in cases of extraction of the specified number of hunting resources, and also if the resolution is used, you must complete and return the information extracted hunting resources under permit, at the place of receipt (clause 3.8 of the Rules N 512).

Security requirements and hunting restrictions

The hunter is obliged to observe the following prohibitions (p. 16 of the Rules N 512):

1) do not hunt animals with weapons at a distance closer than 200 m from housing;

2) do not shoot “on noise” or “on rustle”, on it is unclear visible goal;

3) do not shoot at birds that are sitting on wires or poles of power lines;

4) do not shoot along the line of shooters (if the projectile can pass at a distance of less than 15 m from the neighboring shooter);

5) don’t shoot at information signs;

6) do not organize animal pens in such a way that hunters who move in the pen surround all animals that are trapped in the pen.

The hunter must also observe, in particular, the following restrictions (article 22 of the Law N 209-FZ; section. VIII of Rules N 512; Appendices N N 1-3 to Rules N 512):

1) not to be in hunting grounds in (on) motor vehicles, aircraft, as well as swimming vehicles with the motor running, including those that have not stopped moving by inertia after the motor is turned off, with a hunting firearm (pneumatic) weapon uncovered or loaded, or having cartridges (shells) in the store, except for cases established by law;

2) do not use long-barreled hunting firearms with a rifled barrel or rifled barrels of hunting firearms combined for hunting feathered game, except for established cases;

3) do not use semi-automatic weapons with a magazine with a capacity of more than five rounds, etc. for hunting animals in a collective hunt.;

4) observe the terms of hunting;

5) comply with hunting bans for certain types of hunting resources, including in certain time periods and in certain hunting grounds.

All illegally obtained animals and hunting products, as well as vehicles and tools for illegal hunting animals are subject to gratuitous seizure or confiscation (article 59 of the Law N 209-FZ; paragraph 15 of the Rules N 512).

Requirements for hunting certain types of animals

There are requirements for hunting for the following hunting resources (section. II-V of Regulation N 512):

for hoofed animals;
fur-bearing animals;
For example, immediately after the extraction of ungulate or bear before the start of their primary processing and (or) transport must be separated from the mining permit hunting resources the “MINING” and fill in the section “Information about the production of a hoofed animal” or “Information about the production of the bear” (n. p. 18.1, 25.1 Rules N 512).

It is also established that shooting and trapping should be carried out using methods that do not allow cruel treatment of animals. In particular, it is forbidden to use explosives, flammable liquids, gases, electric current (p. 51, 52.12 of rules N 512).

Requirements for conservation of hunting resources

When hunting is prohibited (paragraph 61 of the Rules N 512):

destroy brood shelters of animals (nests, burrows, etc.), except for the destruction of brood holes and lairs of wolves, jackals and crow nests in the case of the latter being classified by the laws of the Russian Federation as hunting resources;

to burn the vegetation.

Please note! For violation of hunting regulations may impose administrative, criminal and civil liability (article 8.37 of the administrative code; article 258 of the criminal code; article 15 of the civil code; articles 57, 58 of the Law N 209-FZ; article 56 of the Law dated 24.04.1995 N 52-FZ).

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Note hunter
The hunter must have a hunting ticket and other necessary documents, as well as comply with a number of requirements, restrictions and prohibitions. Hunting (including collective hunting involving two or…


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