The visit to Tyumen
In mid-June, as one of the editors of our site, I was invited to an information tour organized by the Department of consumer market and tourism of the Tyumen region.…

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Meeting with a wild boar
I will make a reservation that I am not a hunter, so the story I told will not tell about the trophies I got. This happened in the distant eighties,…

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Features of maral hunting
The maral belongs to the family of the largest deer of all Eurasia. It has been popular among hunters for a long time. It turns out that the horns of…

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How to properly care for a hunting rifle?

Firearms accompanies the man since the tenth century, and performing a multitude of tasks. And all this time needs care. Previously, in order to prevent the barrel and mechanism from becoming corroded, it was strongly recommended to clean the weapon immediately after firing. Modern technologies and special tools for the care of weapons allow us to do this when it is convenient.

So, in search of grouse, you spent the whole day walking around the taiga with a gun, in the early morning dew drops fell on you, in the afternoon you were caught in the rain, and in the evening a thick fog descended, covering everything with dense condensate. After getting a few birds and plenty of exercise, so that now would fall and sleep, you come to a warm hut, put in a corner your faithful, for example, IZH, and… it was not there-despite everything, you get brushes, oil, kerosene, and ideally, some alkaline composition for neutralizing gunpowder gases. And put your weapons in order, and everything else – later. This is before. And ideally.

Care of the weapon

Progress does not stand still, and now you can postpone the time-consuming cleaning process for a more appropriate time, in fact, by using special chemistry, dividing it into two stages-pre-processing (which, as it were, preserves the weapon, not allowing it to collapse under the influence of moisture and the products of combustion of gunpowder) and actually deep cleaning.

This manual was developed by SAUER. We are grateful to Mr. F. Hasler of J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH, Germany, for his assistance.

Stage 1-pre-processing

Immediately after returning from hunting (or from competition, if you are an athlete), immediately wipe your weapon with a special cloth to remove sweat from your hands, moisture, or other external contaminants. If you are caught in snow or rain while hunting, spray the gun with a special spray. Namely, moisten the barrel opening liberally, wipe the outer surface with a cloth, and place the gun in the gun safe with the muzzle down. This will remove the water that just rolls off. In this condition the rifle can be stored for as long as you don’t reach your hands to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.

Stage 2-intensive cleaning

When the opportunity arises or the time is right for deep cleaning, proceed as follows:

Apply a special spray liberally to the inside of the trunk so that the entire length of the trunk is well moistened. Modern means on care of weapon can be applied to the entire surface using a nylon brush or cloth (cut a piece and wrap around brush appropriate to the relevant gauge), or using a tool soaked wipes, or felt cleaning tablets suitable caliber – there are.
Set the weapon aside for 20 minutes so that the agent can penetrate the layers that need to be dissolved. If you don’t use a special spray every time after shooting, or you use it for the first time, it will take longer. Since modern weapons care products do not contain ammonia, acid or fluoropolymers that can cause a negative reaction, they can be applied for any period.
After the spray works, clean the barrel with a bronze brush 15-20 times. After each pass, clean the bronze brush with a cloth to prevent dirt from entering the barrel again.
Then clean the barrel opening with a clean dry cloth, repeating the procedure using a new cloth until the barrel is clean. In case of severe contamination, you may need to repeat this step up to 2 times or more.
Then treat the barrel by wetting the care product with a piece of special cloth, the last used cleaning cloth or cotton brush, and then wipe the barrel with them.
Once again, remove traces of sweat from your hands from all metal parts using a special cloth. The gun can be used again. You can shoot immediately without applying oil again, now your only task is to hit the target.

BRUNOX GunCare tools

One of the best lines of modern gun oils and cleaning products for any type of weapon, including semi-automatic and automatic weapons, such as gas regulators, etc., is BRUNOX® GunCare. This brand is used and recommended for use by most prestigious European manufacturers of ammunition and weapons.


IF the® GunCare? as a high-tech special tool:

removes gunpowder, lead, copper, Nickel, and gunpowder deposits;
repels moisture and protects against corrosion;
lubricates all moving parts;
does not oxidize, does not contain ammonia, acids, silicone, fluoropolymer and nanoceramic particles.
By the way, if you wipe the weapon with a special cloth from this brand in the intervals between shots at hunting or competitions, the subsequent cleaning may take less time.

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The visit to Tyumen
In mid-June, as one of the editors of our site, I was invited to an information tour organized by the Department of consumer market and tourism of the Tyumen region.…


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