A disease of animals and humans. What you need to know about rabies
Rabies is a disease of animals and people caused by a virus and is a deadly danger. People most often become infected by it after the bite of diseased animals.…

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How to properly care for a hunting rifle?
Firearms accompanies the man since the tenth century, and performing a multitude of tasks. And all this time needs care. Previously, in order to prevent the barrel and mechanism from…

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Two in one: special purpose hunting bag

At first I was very doubtful. First, the weather was already quite warm, and small night frosts did not frighten, and secondly, I did not really want to carry any additional clothes with me. Nevertheless, I took it with me and did not regret it.

I decided to test it “in full”, listening to all the recommendations of the manufacturer. I did not wear warm clothes, limiting myself to a jacket and trousers for running hunting and thermal underwear. But by nightfall it was getting very cold, and I began to doubt the correctness of my decision. As it turned out, in vain.

“Hunter’s bag”

The material of the outer layer of the “hunter’s bag” is a two – layer membrane fabric Alova, which is designed specifically for sewing sportswear, as well as clothing for hunters and fishermen. The knitted fabric of the Alov fabric is covered from the inside with a membrane that provides excellent protection from getting wet and at the same time good vapor permeability. Alov fabric is very pleasant to the touch and practical to wear: its surface is not only soft, velvety, but also wear-resistant.

The inner part of the bag is divided into two zones: the lower and upper. The lower part is made of taffeta-silver fabric, which is made of polyester fibers with various coatings, weakly amenable to chemical and light effects, and also has a sufficient degree of strength and moisture resistance. The upper part is fleece-anti-peeling-a synthetic material with a pile that is used for the production of warm sports and tourist clothing.

Hunter’s bag

The bags used the latest domestic innovative insulation-Siberia (micro modification), which is not inferior in thermal protection properties to the best foreign analogues, does not cause allergies, is low in fuel, antistatic, extremely soft and light.

Although the “hunter’s bag” resembles an ordinary tourist sleeping bag in appearance, it has a number of characteristic differences. It is made in the form of a robe, with sleeves and a hood, and thanks to the double-sided zipper located in front of the bag, it allows you to easily release your legs if necessary. The bag is so spacious that you can use it without taking off your outer clothing. That’s what I did as soon as I got to the tower.

To use the bag at particularly low temperatures, there are special mesh pockets for chemical or catalytic warmers: in the lower back, in the sleeves, in the knees and in the legs. Those who hunt from behind bars and from warehouses (towers and half-towers), will appreciate this innovation – because first of all these parts of the body begin to freeze. First, the toes freeze, then the upper thighs and knees. The lower back does not lag behind them. The location of the heating pads will allow you to avoid this.

The bag was so soft and warm that the few hours I spent on the tower, I was very comfortable. The only thing that was frozen was the nose and cheeks that were sticking out of the bag. But I hid my hands in a convenient clutch made of the same materials.

On the tower

In General, on hunting with towers bag showed themselves on 5+. However, I think that it will be appreciated by fans of spring hunting. After all, remember for yourself how you have to freeze in skradki in the morning hours on the black grouse current or come up with ways to warm up in anticipation of a goose flock! And here you can not wear very warm clothes, so as not to get wet on the way to the place of hunting, and only when sitting in a hut, put on a “hunter’s bag”, enjoying its warmth and comfort.

And what a saving of space is obtained! After all, the “hunter’s bag” can be used as a normal sleeping bag. On one of the spring goose hunts, my friend had to spend the night in it in a car with a broken stove. “I had a good night’s sleep,” he said later, ” but my neck was sweating a little.”

Special purpose bag

And in late autumn, the bag was truly super-tested. Suddenly, my beloved mother-in-law came to the dacha, and it was impossible to place her in the heated first floor-he was busy with us with the children. What to do? On -2 street?We Decided to put her to sleep in the “hunter’s bag” on the second, unheated floor. No, no, don’t be sarcastic, and don’t think anything bad. Not only did she get enough sleep, we had to Wake her up, she was so warm and comfortable.

As a result, everyone is alive and well!

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