Autumn duck hunting
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How to properly care for a hunting rifle?
Firearms accompanies the man since the tenth century, and performing a multitude of tasks. And all this time needs care. Previously, in order to prevent the barrel and mechanism from…

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Hours for hunting and outdoor activities
It would seem that why buy a special wrist watch for hunting? After all, there is, for example, a phone that shows the time. But the point of hunting watches…

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Holster – 25 years old cartridge belt test for 22 rounds

Good day to all hunters of the site “Siberian hunter”, and especially beginners who only buy equipment for this exciting activity.

The site administration and the holster company provided me with a holster cartridge belt 25 years 22×12 for testing. I just want to say that the testing was not biased and even more so not advertising!

I tested this bandolier in average conditions for our Siberian climate and several points were important for me personally:

Easy to wear in various conditions.
Resistance of the skin from which the bandolier is made to getting wet, drying in the sun, etc.
Quality of accessories and durability of tailoring.
That’s basically the criteria I checked it for. The parcel came to me just before the opening of the duck hunt, and the upcoming vacation foreshadowed a full test of how much it is possible.

Well, let’s get started
Since I hunt mostly in a neoprene wading suit, then on the morning of the opening day I immediately put it on top of the waders and went through almost impassable reeds (although the similarity of the path was trodden, but nevertheless), and this is no less than 600 meters and a penny and what surprised me I never caught on the reeds and bushes!!

holster bandolier test

Damn, pleasantly surprised because in their cartridges I ever, but clinging to something. It fits snugly, even though I didn’t fasten it tightly. Okay, there’s a plus sign.

Then there were climbing in the reeds (to guide the dog in the right direction) and in the bushes impassable, and at least once caught, not only did not one cartridge fall out, well, plus number 2, but this is still new!!

22 rounds and 5 in the store, of course, ended quickly, but I knew that this would happen in advance because this number is more suitable for people who hunt with double-barreled guns, or for walking through swamps or grouse broods.

Then there were swimming, or rather walking on the water for the most…. when no matter how hard you try, but the bandolier, which, let me remind you, was on top of my stray suit, you bathe at once, but this is a test!!!

In General, the weekend was fun for me and the “subject”. Next, I went to the city for a few days and specifically did not pull out the cartridges from the cartridge belt to check the stretchability of the cells. I must say that even though they took the form of a cartridge, but as then, so now everything is tight enough and not popping up. Another plus for the fact that an additional strip of skin is sewn on the bottom of the cells, which prevents the cartridges from falling through and popping out from below.

Then there were similar tests, including complete immersion of the cartridge belt in water (as well as guns). Just think, I fell into an underwater beaver channel, but… all the more fun.

Another point of the test was landing and disembarking in the boat and the convenience of being in the “sitting in the boat” position. I will say right away that everything is almost the same as with other bandoliers: if you tighten it, it is not very convenient. But!!! If you relax a little, then everything is much better and that I was slightly surprised – a little relaxed when getting up and further walking, the bandolier did not try to slide down, as I did on another leather bandolier, but two-row, and this without an additional strap that is worn around the neck. I will also note a plus!!!

Just a plus I want to note that for all the time, not a single thread came out, the hardware is not rusted!!

holster bandolier

Unfortunately, it was not possible to get out behind the black grouse, but I think that on the uncut grass and in the bushes, the bandolier would have shown itself no worse, but this is ahead!!!

So, let’s sum up
It does not cling to reeds and branches of bushes.
Getting wet drying in the air (not in the open sun) did not affect the quality.
Accessories and tailoring of decent quality (although the cells are sewn a little crookedly) for this, I slightly lowered the overall rating.
Not for hunting while sitting in a boat (at least PVC and the like). If the cartridge is not removed and is not placed close by.
Well conclusions: Patronchik great for hunting with a shotgun, odnostolpnoy for running and hunting. For hunting on good flights, especially for “semiautomatic” is too small, you need to take a pack of cartridges with you (although I mostly hunt with the Mr-155, but I do not arrange cannonades), or remove the gaps and bring the number to 30 cartridges (I have measured and can say that this is possible), then it will be ideal.

According to all the above criteria, the overall rating I made is 5 -, which, in my opinion, is very, very worthy.

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