The red Book through the myth-making to the law
EDITOR's NOTE: There has never been such a massive attack on Russian hunting. The most common gray goose, gray duck, turtledove, and similar birds are "driven" into the forbidden list.…

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Note to the hunter: Who is referred to as swamp-meadow game?
Below is a list of swamp and meadow game with photos shared by users of the site "Siberian hunter". If you can add to this list and offer photos of…

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Hunting in Africa-interview With V. A. Smelov
Not so long ago, I had the opportunity to meet a very interesting person – Vladimir Alexandrovich Smelov, head of Safari-Valmir, a company that specializes in organizing trophy hunting in…

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An expert on hunting weapons of the Kalashnikov Concern answers questions about new products based on the MP 155

Not so long ago, together with representatives of the Kalashnikov Concern and the Izhevsk mechanical plant, we invited you to discuss new items based on the famous Mr 155 rifle. In the allotted time, you left your questions on the forum in a special section, and now, the expert on hunting weapons of the Concern answers the most interesting of them?

hunting rifle

“Good gun!” BUT the number on the receiver is poorly punched and easily erased. When the permit was renewed, the police said that if there was an unreadable number, the gun would be disposed of. So the gun may be enough for one or two five-year plans. What to do?

– On old products, the visible number on the box could indeed be erased, but for the police, you can Unscrew the butt and show the number on the end of the box, stuffed at the factory. This year, a deep laser application of the number on the view part of the box has been implemented, and the number on the end is no longer applied with shock stamps.

– Do you plan to make a swallow-tail of the current size?

– No. We plan to completely abandon this type of attachment, since it is used by hunters very rarely. Therefore, it was decided to proceed to installing the Picatinny rail on the barrel. In our opinion, this is a more convenient solution for users.

“I have a wish, not a question. Three, exactly.

To make a recoil pad of a different material. That is, either change the composition of the rubber in the back of the head, or apply a different material at all, because the existing one does not extinguish anything, no recoil and clings strongly to the clothes. The composition has already been changed. The back of the head is now elastic.
Lighten the handguard in the plastic version. The weight of the plastic handguard is almost twice that of the wooden one. And the butt is the opposite. When fired, the barrel “bites”because of this. In this design of the gun, the relief of the forearm is not possible in the conditions of industrial production.
Change the front sight to a regular, brass or something less massive, such as Truglo. The existing red overlaps when aiming an elephant. A new type of front sight has been developed. In the near future, guns will be equipped only with it. We plan to mount the sights on a bar mounted on the barrel – to ensure constant positioning of the sight relative to the barrel.
– Why is there such a difference in weight in the Mr-155 / 20K? From 2.6 to 2.9 kg ? And how can I reduce the weight on a 2.9 kg copy?

– Since the density of the tree varies , the final weight of the gun may differ.

– My 2013 shotgun. Its disadvantages are a flying cocking handle. Now on new replaced with a groove, does not take off, but how to replace on my ?

– In principle, you can just put a new handle with a protrusion (the groove is not on the handle, but on the bolt). In the absence of a slot in the gate during Assembly, it will be necessary to put the handle before installing the barrel, lifting the gate into the discharge hole of the box under the clutch. And the handle will be removed only when the barrel is separated, also lifting the shutter.

– The PRO version differs in the following :” covering the Ceracote receiver, notching the forearm and butt neck, made by hand.” But nothing is said about the selection of trunks and better fitting of the tree, which distinguish the version of Rusich from the basic model. Is there such an approach in making a Pro Or not? In whose direction will the comparison of pros And Rusich be?

– Barrels for Pro-level products are carefully processed at the factory, and all elements of the gun are adjusted manually. Rusichi also has high-quality products. When choosing between a Pro and a Russian, we recommend that you compare them yourself in the store.


A few questions about Mr-155 Lancaster; 20/76
– Which bullet or cartridge is recommended?

– So far, the best results were shown by old Techkrim cartridges with a Gualandi bullet, although they have become slightly worse recently. Stable results are shown by brennecke’s bullets. I heard from some users that they got good results on Polev’s bullets.

– How much better is the Lancaster’s accuracy compared to the cylinder?

– Depends on many factors (see above). For some bullets the improvement is 20-30%

– Is it possible to complete the Mr-155 Lancaster with an additional barrel with replaceable muzzle attachments?

“Yes, of course. It was planned to initially complete such products with two barrels. Bullet with adjustable arms and a Lancaster front sight, and longer with a smooth shotgun bar. If there is a demand for the product, we will implement this version as standard.

– When there will be 155 in camouflage colors MAH4, MAH5, and then these leaves and “sedge” in blue tones does not please the eye.

– Izhevsk mechanical is ready to work out new color options. If there are requests from customers in any specific colors, the plant will work out the possibility of changing them

P.S. Friends, finally we want to conduct a small survey among users of the site “Siberian Hunter”, which will help specialists of the Izhevsk mechanical plant to find out the needs of potential buyers.

Do I need a version with 1 Lancaster barrel and a smooth barrel (20 gauge)?
What colors of camouflage would customers like to see?

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