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“White stream”: trophy hunting fun!

Dear hunters, if you are planning to go abroad to hunt, or just spend time with your soul in one of the most beautiful places in Slovakia, we advise you to visit the “White stream”kennel.

white Stream nursery

Slovakia is an interesting European country with its ancient and carefully preserved hunting customs and traditions!

There, flora and fauna are carefully preserved in integrity and pristine grandeur, not only at the state level, but also at the private level. This is what The white stream hunting farm does.

Where is the nursery located
This wonderful place is located near a town called považská Bystrica. The total area of the nursery is 246 hectares, of which 204 hectares are forests, and the rest are agricultural areas (meadows and pastures)!

map of Slovakia

Lovers of unity with nature will appreciate that the forest consists not only of deciduous, but also of coniferous trees. The smells of pine and spruce, interspersed with the Majesty of beech, which, for a moment-57 % of the total number of trees in the entire nursery!

Where, if not in a coniferous thicket, to breathe fresh air, think about future plans, and just enjoy a minute of stay in one of the oldest forests in Europe?

Not only are the places themselves interesting and exciting in terms of hunting – these are thickets and rocky cliffs with a viewing range of up to several kilometers, but also the hunting conditions themselves in the nursery are very simple and cost-effective. What else does a hunter need on vacation?

About each place you can tell certain facts about this nursery, they can be listed indefinitely, since there are a lot of reasons to go there, and then return again and again.

Breeding red deer
In addition to nature and quality care for it, this place is known for breeding breeding deer not only for sale to other nurseries, but also for hunting.

It is worth noting that the Carpathian species of deer (Servus elaphus montanus) is bred in the nursery. By the way, this is the most revered hunting trophy in Europe. They decorated almost all of the trophy rooms in old castles.

The result of hard work can be called the fact that the antlers of deer born in the nursery “White Stream” reach indicators “above average” for the first year.

red deer

For reference: a male Carpathian deer usually weighs up to 200-250 kilograms. Horns of an adult weigh on average 6-8 lbs. At a selected, pure-bred animals 10-12 and sometimes 13-14 kg.

There are four zones in the nursery, which are clearly divided and differ not only in the living conditions of the deer, but also in their diet.

The breeding nursery contains the base of the gene pool, which includes red deer from the Carpathian region of Romania, and 30-40 females from Hungary.
In the nursery for young animals, individuals are raised, which are taken from the female at the age of one year. The diet focuses on the development of the skeleton and the growth of muscle mass.
In the nursery for older individuals, deer that have reached the age of three are placed. In this case, the diet focuses on the development of horns.
In the free nursery there are deer that are intended for hunting.
deer breeding

An important condition for breeding deer in the nursery is a systematic accounting of the entire population. Specialists carry out painstaking work to fill in the pedigree of each individual.

Once a year, the nursery puts up for sale females, which can be purchased at a very reasonable price. All animals are designed according to the letter of the law, have special ear tags and accompanying documents with veterinary stamps.


Well, do not forget about hunting, which can also be done in the “White Stream”. You pay for the plot, in addition to the special year, and you see a fabulous forest, with coniferous trees, giant beeches, and, of course, rock cliffs, which offer stunning views of the nursery. Hunting in such places is a pleasure. Especially when the reward can serve as a trophy, which is legendary throughout Europe – the Carpathian red deer!

By the way, you can get a certificate of trophy evaluation using the CIC (international Council for hunting and wildlife protection) method for animals obtained in the nursery. Which looks like this.

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