Choosing an amphibious all-terrain vehicle? ARGO - no barriers in winter or summer!
A tempting prospect, to find a transport that would have excellent cross-country ability in any terrain conditions, on any soil and even on water? Let's tell you a secret, there…

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Features of maral hunting
The maral belongs to the family of the largest deer of all Eurasia. It has been popular among hunters for a long time. It turns out that the horns of…

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Choosing an amphibious all-terrain vehicle? ARGO - no barriers in winter or summer!
A tempting prospect, to find a transport that would have excellent cross-country ability in any terrain conditions, on any soil and even on water? Let's tell you a secret, there…

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TOP 6 ways to increase off-road traffic

Owners of both passenger cars and SUVs may face the need to increase the vehicle’s cross-country ability. For hunting enthusiasts, this problem is most relevant, because they are more likely than other drivers to face the most extreme driving conditions.

Experts they tell you how to improve the off-road properties of the car.

Today, an SUV can have completely different characteristics. For example, some cars can overcome almost all the most difficult areas, such as swamp, sand, or pass the most difficult thickets of forest. At the same time, among hunting enthusiasts, such off-road vehicles are common, which will pass without problems only on roads in relatively poor condition, they can not cope with more difficult travel conditions.

How to increase the vehicle’s cross-country ability?
1. Snow chains will help to increase cross-country ability. A set of chains can be placed in the trunk, then simply used if necessary. Of course, installation and dismantling will take a certain amount of time, but every motorist can cope with it. In addition, the chains will not only help you pass heavy sections of road, but will also be useful in the winter.

Experts recommend installing them only on the front axle, and do not purchase chains with large links. Remember that when driving on a hard surface, they quickly wear out the tires.

Mazda car

2. Hunting enthusiasts should always have a dynamic sling in stock. If you are stuck and can’t move on, but there are motorists nearby who can help you, then the easiest way is to pull you out using a sling. A dynamic sling has many advantages, as it dampens the pull force and also has better stretching characteristics.

3. To increase the vehicle’s cross-country capability, some motorists install off-road bumpers, because conventional bumpers installed in production cars are primarily designed for pedestrian safety and improved aerodynamics. If you find yourself with such a bumper on the road, it will remain in a terrible state.

4. If your car has off-road body kits and high enough suspension, you can replace the standard wheels of the vehicle with wheels with a large radius. The larger the size of the wheels, the better the vehicle’s passability will be. It should be remembered that the ideal option will be 31-inch wheels, if you install a larger diameter, then the handling will deteriorate, on the asphalt, the trip will be accompanied by unnecessary noise and increased fuel consumption.

cars of the raised passableness

5. When you use your car both in everyday life and for hunting, you can install a screw lock, which will automatically turn on if necessary without the accompanying discomfort. The screw lock is triggered when one wheel starts to get ahead of the other. It is characterized by a relatively low level of wear and the use of conventional transmission oil.

At the same time, you can also set a forced lock, it is more reliable and works when you press the button, but this option will be five times more expensive than the previous one. It is worth noting that such a lock will not negatively affect the handling of the car in normal conditions, and will ensure excellent performance of all wheels in the switched-on mode.

With the help of blocking, the car can overcome heavy sections of road, but this will not prevent movement in everyday life.

6. The most radical way to increase the passability of the car is considered to be the car Elevator. To lift a car, two options are usually used: suspension-lift and body-lift. The latter type of Elevator is the easiest and less expensive way to increase ground clearance.

It is worth noting that even the most expensive and advanced off-road cars are not able to overcome all the difficulties, so every motorist may need to upgrade the vehicle. The roadability of the car, as well as the further way to improve off-road performance, depends on many factors: tires, terrain geometry, transmission type, and car class. Therefore, every motorist should choose the method that best meets their personal needs, and also fits the individual characteristics of the car.

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