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The visit to Tyumen

In mid-June, as one of the editors of our site, I was invited to an information tour organized by the Department of consumer market and tourism of the Tyumen region. The purpose of the expedition is to get acquainted with the potential of the region in terms of tourism business development, trophy hunting and fishing.

Without thinking twice, I gladly agreed. I want to tell you about my journey through this amazing land in this report.

The first day

Acquaintance with Tyumen, with the culture and history of the region began immediately after placing in the hotel “Vostok”, which is a kind of multi-storey Museum of local lore. All exhibits in accordance with the theme and historical period are placed on the floors of the building – in the corridors.

Of course, first of all, Vostok is a modern hotel with comfortable rooms, a cozy restaurant, a karaoke bar and its own wine Atelier. But I could not keep silent about the organization of such a Museum. Great idea…

On the first day, a city tour was organized for us – so rich that to list all the places we visited, it would be necessary to start a separate blog. Nevertheless, I will note the main sights that I personally remember.

We walked through several streets where there are unique architectural monuments-wooden and stone mansions of the XIX – early XX centuries, both partially preserved in their original form, and restored.

We visited the embankment of the Tura river. Quite a large-scale project – the length of the multi-level embankment, finished with granite and marble, is about 4 km.

One of the main decorations and pride of the city, rightly called the Tyumen drama theater. By the way, the largest in Russia. It was against this background that I took one of the first collective photos.

Tyumen was struck by the number and splendor of churches and temples. We were able to see the Holy Trinity monastery, which was founded in 1616 and is the oldest architectural complex in the city, as well as the Znamensky Cathedral.

After the tour, we had a dinner at the restaurant “Chum”, where we had to get acquainted with each other, as well as with the head Of the Department of consumer market and tourism Andrey Panteleev, Director of the Agency for tourism and promotion of the Tyumen region Maria Trofimova, and with the Deputy head of the state hunting Department of the Tyumen region Alexey Okhrimenko.

The kitchen, the interior, the company gathered at the table, and … the range of liqueurs really inspired. But we had to refrain from excessive libations, because we had an extensive cultural and health program ahead of us.

Late in the evening, we were “thrown” to the recreation center “Upper Bor”, where everyone could visit the sauna and hot springs. Unfortunately, I could not use the services of this country Spa resort, but my companions were happy to plunge into the healing waters of Tyumen geysers and bask in the steam room.

Day two

After Breakfast at the hotel, we continued our journey around the region.

At the exit from the city (on the 11 kilometer of the Yalutorovsky tract), there is a shooting club “Steel excitement” – the only one in Tyumen, but equipped with everything necessary. And even more!

In addition to one trench stand (ladder) and two round ones (skit), there are areas for sporting compact, including those organized both with artificial barriers and in the natural environment. And, judging by the “trimmed” tree tops, the area where the targets fly “straight out of the forest” is especially popular here.

In the photo below, a symbolic “tree of skill” collected from spent cartridges.

We were also offered shooting on plates on the ladder, archery and crossbow, as well as … shooting with a slingshot at balloons.

Having made several successful shots from all types of weapons, I showed absolutely zero results in shooting with a slingshot. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hit any rubber targets. Actually, this is why I missed the demonstration of the analytical simulator, which, according to my colleagues, was quite interesting.

On the territory of the shooting club there are several recreation areas, two ponds for fishing, places equipped with mangalami, paintball club-just do not list…

We were invited to a stylized gazebo, decorated in the form of a hunting winter quarters, where, after drinking tea, we discussed what we saw. Everyone agreed that the Steel passion shooting club is an ideal place not only for training and holding shooting competitions, but also for family and corporate recreation.

The next point of our route was the base “Berezovka”, located 110 km from the city in the Uporovsky district near the village of Kokuy.

On arrival, we were shown a horse farm. Or rather, a huge herd of more than 1,000 horses was driven directly to us. My colleagues Pavel Studennikov (UGRA travel TV channel) and Yevgeny Weissman (Russian hunting magazine), armed with cameras, video cameras and quadrocopters, started working. And, I must say, they managed to capture this beauty.

At the same time, there was a tasting of local farm products. We were treated to horsemeat sausage, venison stew, boar meat, elk lip, liqueurs, and several Beers made according to our own recipes.

After the horse farm, we were expected to hunt “Royal game”. One of the highlights of the base “Berezovka” is that you can come here with your family, and having settled your loved ones in cozy houses on the shore of a small island (or rather a Peninsula), you can go hunting for the final pheasant yourself. In fact, it was demonstrated to us by the local Rangers and Director of the base Sergei and the other band members.

In a short time we were invited to a table where we were served game and several other dishes of carp caught in a nearby lake. To be honest, the kitchen in “Berezovka” is something indescribable.

After that, there was a tour of the pheasant farm (including egg collection), a meeting with camels in a birch forest (this is rarely seen), a swim in a hot spring with unique medicinal properties and a luxurious bath.

Day three

It would seem that after such an eventful day, a long road, all sorts of tastings (with the continuation, as usual))), in the morning I should have felt completely broken. But this did not happen, apparently due to the fact that it was before going to bed that I plunged into the Berezovsky source. In General, I woke up like a cucumber.

And back on the road. And the way was not close – more than 300 km to the South-East of the Tyumen region in the village of Sladkovo.

The presentation of the Dubrovnoye hunting base began with a trip to maralnik.

In the KAMAZ shed, a real men’s company gathered. As there are no juicy anecdotes. I will not be afraid of this word – for example, last night experienced hunters Guram Makiev (Deputy Director of the Association of reindeer herders of Russia) and Vladimir Smelov (General Director of Safari-Valmir) captured the palm.

Well, what can I say…

Such stories, told in such a multi-story style and told with such artistry, I have never heard before. However, I can’t share it in this report. For ethical reasons…

My colleagues in the video shop again had the opportunity to shoot a herd of ungulates from a bird’s eye view. These are the shots:

The very hunting base “Dubrovnoye” struck with its luxury – otherwise you can not say. On the territory of several guest houses, several artificial ponds for fishing and comfortably organized recreation areas. In the house where we were placed, quite comfortable rooms, a chic living room. There is an interesting collection of trophies and hunting weapons in the lobby.

We were waiting for a short fishing trip, the company in which I was made by Andrey Lyapin-senior Manager for tourism of the fishing club

And the dinner, on the contrary, was prolonged – they were already far past midnight. On the table, a chic ROE pilaf, vodka, and delicious snacks. There are already friends at the table. And again-jokes, hunting stories, drinking songs.

In General, during this trip, I had the opportunity to meet very interesting people, including my colleagues: the editor of the Russian hunting newspaper ( Peter Zverev, chief editor of the video production Department of the Russian hunting magazine Eugene Weissman and Vladimir Sergeevich Tikhomirov-editor of the magazine “Magic of the real Safari”.

I can’t help mentioning Kirill Maystrak, the head of the Tyumen district Department of the state hunting Department, who accompanied us on the trip. And the only one (among those invited) representative of the beautiful half – Lily of Mosaico with which we became good friends.

Day of the fourth and fifth

In the morning we set out again. We had a trip to the Uvatsky district of the Tyumen region in the Trade and hunting farm “Kedrovy”. Where we could ask all our questions to the head of this hunting farm, Vladimir Vladimirovich Nazarov, and the Director of the Uvatsky district public organization of hunters “Fauna”, Vladimir Ilyich Meryugin.

The presentation and meeting were heated. My companions, who have experience in organizing trophy hunting for foreign citizens, raised a number of acute questions and problems that are typical, perhaps, of all hunting farms in Russian regions.

I, having no such experience, digested the ROE pilaf and everything else that I had drunk and eaten the day before.

In General, the places here are the most that neither is – hunting. According to the results of accounting conducted in 2017, the number of hunting resources was:

elk – 3 100
sable – 4 868
bear – 820
grouse – 161 106
black grouse – 147,045
capercaillie – 37 080
partridge – 74 207

The next item on our “travel map” in Tyumen was the hunting and fishing base “Ukimsky SOR”, where, after a short tour, we were fed a wonderful fish soup from carp.

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