Moose hunting with huskies
Elk-the king of the Siberian forest. And to get elk horns as a trophy is the dream of many hunters. There are several ways to hunt this animal – from…

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Hunting using a lab

The lab is used for various types of hunting animals, ranging from badgers and raccoons to large predators. The position and conditions in this difficult hunt are mandatory for all other types of hunting.

The basic conditions of hunting.

The first necessary condition – it is necessary to “hide” the smell of the hunter sitting in the “sit-in”, this is due to the fact that all animals, both predators and ungulates, have an excellent sense of smell.

The second condition is that the hunter does not need to impersonate any foreign sound. If the first method depends largely on the huntsmen who built the warehouse, then the ability to sit quietly, waiting for the beast, depends entirely on the skill of the hunter himself.

Ambush for animals like boar or bear, can be quite different. If space allows, it is possible to guard on the ground, of course in that case, if the hunter is convinced that the beast comes from behind and gets wind of his whereabouts. For example, the field is skirted by an arc river. You can lurk with the edge of the field above or on the leeward edge of sluki, as the evening wind usually pulls along the river. If the beast does not come from across the river, in a place like this can be successfully trapped.

There is still an option to settle on a pile of straw in the last house of the village abandoned by people, or on some hill, if the animal is not expected from the leeward side. If this condition is not met, then the above methods of sitting will not work, and all because the animal will certainly smell you, running from the windy side.

The most reliable are those sit-ins that are located on a small hill from the ground, on a tree, for example. It is with the help of such warehouses, built at the necessary height, you can get a great job, and be sure that the animal does not recognize the hunter.

Location of the warehouse on the ground

To choose the right place for the construction of a poor warehouse, you will need to take your time, go thoroughly and with great attention to explore the field and the adjacent edge of the forest. If the crops are ripe, then the animals will go to feed in the field, the hunter must mark the most visited areas. And of course these places are preferable for building a poor warehouse. If the animals are not yet out in the field, it is worth focusing on the experience of previous hunting seasons. if you are hunting in this area for the first time, you should ask the advice of local hunters

When hunting from a warehouse located on the edge of the forest, the main condition of such hunting is that the wind must necessarily blow from the field towards the forest. You should also take into account the constant rose of the winds. The smell from the hidden hunter must go to the trees located behind it. Let’s imagine the opposite situation – the wind blows from the forest to the field. In this case, the free air flows that pass over the forest have a higher speed than the air that passes through the crowns of trees.

At the moment of approach to the edge of the upper air flows down, mixed with the lower, and at the same time with the smell of the hunter, than form continuous swirls, which in turn have completely different directions. As a result, the smell of the hunter will spread throughout the field in completely unthinkable directions. Make no mistake, the beast will definitely take advantage of this.

So, after carefully studying the entire field, noting the exit points of future production, immediately select the trees on which it will be convenient to build a warehouse. It is desirable that the warehouse was built in a forest consisting of large, “adult” trees of different breeds, the crowns of which should touch each other, in addition, at least at a distance of sixty to eighty meters from the edge of the forest, there should be no large glades. Ideally, there should be no glades at all, since they will create swirls of air that can give away the location of the hunter. In a dense forest, the smell does not spread far, it dissolves in the dense aroma of forest flora.

The crowns of trees in the area of construction of the lab should be flat to a certain extent, at a distance of about a hundred meters on both sides of your shelter. The presence of forest wedges that cut into the field near the lab, or on the contrary, a field that enters the forest as a wedge, will significantly reduce the chance of a successful hunt. In the first case, the view will decrease, in the second case, you may be given the smell, as the clearing will create unfavorable swirls of wind flows.

You can shoot an animal without such rather complicated preparations, but the chances of a hunter using a correctly constructed warehouse are significantly increased.


The trees on which you are going to build a warehouse must have the necessary height and width. Pine, oak, birch, and spruce are best suited for this purpose. It will be a little more difficult to build a shelter on alder or pine, it’s about soft wood and insufficient strength of branches.

During the construction of the warehouse, it is worth taking into account the fact that oak, spruce and pine are valuable breeds, and serious damage to them is not allowed. In that case, if your shelter is carefully placed on a tree, and only a couple of branches are cut down to improve the view, then you can be sure that the tree is not seriously damaged. Fast-growing and therefore low-value tree species, such as birch and pine, can be damaged more-cutting down their top, and on the remaining column to build a storage shed. Unless it will serve for a short time, a maximum of two or three years.

The tree or trees that you selected for the construction of the warehouse should be placed at the edge of the forest edge. Remember to carefully cut off all knots and branches on the nearby trees closing you review, regardless of their thickness. Almost invisible by day a twig, the night will become a serious obstacle to review and shooting.

In order to remove branches and twigs on neighboring trees, it is not necessary to climb them. Firmly enough to attach a cutting tool (saw, hacksaw) to the required end of the stick long and sitting in the storage shed without the extra labor and risk to remove hindering the hunt bitches.

Height of the warehouse

The finished warehouse should be located at the desired height. Under favorable conditions, the height of the building should be at least five meters from the ground. As you know, coniferous forests emit a dense, specific smell, in which the smell of the hunter is easily lost. Not a very dense birch or aspen forest will do well, but it will do if there is an abundance of juniper or fragrant cypress at the bottom. In that case, if the forest consists entirely of deciduous trees, and the grass cover is poor, it is worth raising the shelter for another two or three meters, and if the tree allows, then much higher.


The construction of the warehouse itself can be varied, starting with the simplest, for example, a Board nailed to a tree, ending with a more impressive structure. And here it is difficult to recommend something specific, it all depends on the desires and capabilities of the hunter.

In any case, do not forget about safety when climbing and descending from the warehouse, as the height of the building is quite impressive. Boards and poles should be carefully and tightly nailed to the tree, because the reliability of the shelter depends largely on your life and health. During the manufacture of the stairs that you will climb to your shelter, use only strong boards that can withstand your weight, and nail them should be quite long nails.

Before you drive a nail into the tree, pre-drill the hole with a drill or a turntable. If the tree trunk is smooth, without branches, then the ladder can serve as metal pins, and you can drive into the tree at a slight angle from different edges, the ladder made in this way is perhaps the most convenient and safe means to climb into the lab.

Let’s go back to the story about the construction of the warehouse itself, you need to remember that along with leg supports, you need a strong and comfortable support for your back. Its production should be treated carefully. This support must be not only strong, but also comfortable.

As an option for making the back perfectly suitable cherry curved sticks, they should be firmly attached to the seat of the hunter to the tree trunk. Then several parallel poles are attached to them. The back support is ready.

During the construction of a large warehouse, on two or three trees, it is important to remember that it should remain as inconspicuous for the animal. All the cut branches and twigs should be removed, and the places of the cuts should be rubbed with earth, so that the Shine of the protruding juice does not attract the attention of the animal.

In that case, if there are no high enough trees near the field, then you can build a lab from poles. Building a shelter at a height of less than five meters, even if there are thick coniferous trees at the bottom, does not make sense, the beast will easily find you. The structure that you are going to build should be well camouflaged with spruce branches and branches, its contours should be blurred. Note that the storage shed made of poles must have tight doors and small slits. This type of construction is more convenient than those described above. From such a structure, the smell of a person almost does not come and the hunter is incredibly difficult to notice. And the direction of the wind will not affect the outcome of the hunt in any way.

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"Encyclopedia of animals". Elk.
Elk is the largest member of the Deer family. It is also the tallest hoofed animal after the giraffe. But if the giraffe reaches this height due to the long…


Moose hunting with huskies
Elk-the king of the Siberian forest. And to get elk horns as a trophy is the dream of many hunters. There are several ways to hunt this animal – from…


"Encyclopedia of animals". Elk.
Elk is the largest member of the Deer family. It is also the tallest hoofed animal after the giraffe. But if the giraffe reaches this height due to the long…