Duck hunting with an air rifle
Seasoned experts in the forest hunting for a duck with a pneumatic rifle may seem worthless fun – this rifle is less "serious" compared to firearms. But it is much…

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Spring! Opening soon... It's time to choose stuffed animals
Spring goose hunting is ahead, and many hunters are beginning to actively prepare for the opening of the season. An important element of a successful hunt is the decoy stuffed…

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Badger fat
We have received information about many effective means of folk medicine that have long been used in Russia. One of them is badger fat. Given the growing interest in medicines…

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“Encyclopedia of animals”. Elk.

Elk is the largest member of the Deer family. It is also the tallest hoofed animal after the giraffe. But if the giraffe reaches this height due to the long neck, then the elk is a true giant. Moose have been hunted for centuries, but the attitude to this animal was not purely consumer, but respectful. Among American Indians, it was considered an honor to bear the name of an Elk.

Among other deer, elk stands out for its appearance. First of all, its huge size is striking — the body length can reach 3 m, the height of the elk exceeds 2 m, the weight is 500-600 kg. the body of the elk is relatively short, but the legs are very long. The moose’s muzzle is also not like its fellows. The head of the elk is large and heavy, the muzzle is long, and the large upper lip slightly overhangs the lower one. Continue reading

Civil tuning

What to do if you want to drive far away, but you don’t want to turn an SUV into a real mud crocodile? Is it possible to make a car that is not too different from the stock one, and will perform well in off-road conditions? The company’s specialists 4x4TRAVEL will help you to understand this question.

The SUV is stuck

Let’s try to figure out what should be installed on the car to conquer easy off-road.

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Changes to the Methodology for calculating the amount of damage caused to hunting resources



from November 17, 2017 N 612

About modification of appendices 1 and 3 to the Method of calculation of the size of the harm caused to hunting resources approved by the order of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation of December 8, 2011 N 948

In accordance with article 58 of the Federal law of 24 July 2009 N 209-FZ “About hunting and preservation of hunting resources and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” (meeting of the legislation of the Russian Federation, 2009 Continue reading

Hunting using a lab
The lab is used for various types of hunting animals, ranging from badgers and raccoons to large predators. The position and conditions in this difficult hunt are mandatory for all…


Choosing an amphibious all-terrain vehicle? ARGO - no barriers in winter or summer!
A tempting prospect, to find a transport that would have excellent cross-country ability in any terrain conditions, on any soil and even on water? Let's tell you a secret, there…


How to protect a hunting dog from pyroplasmosis
Autumn is considered the best time for hunting forest feathered game with a hunting dog. But at this time, again, there is an activation of ticks that carry dangerous diseases,…


Testing GARMIN Sport PRO
Good day friends! I'll start with the fact that not so long ago from the administration of the hunting forum Siberian Hunter (, I received an offer to test Garmin…