Unique, ultra-impassable boat for hard-to-reach places
Sometimes, to successfully get an animal, you need to get into the wildest, unexplored corners. One of the best ways, of course, is by water. But not all boats can…

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Changes to the Methodology for calculating the amount of damage caused to hunting resources
MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND ECOLOGY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ORDER from November 17, 2017 N 612 About modification of appendices 1 and 3 to the Method of calculation of…

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Snorkel, air Jack, winch... Preparing the SUV for the season
Where to start the off-road season? It doesn't matter whether you are hunting, fishing, or just planning a trip in the next season. It is extremely important that your car…

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Civil tuning

What to do if you want to drive far away, but you don’t want to turn an SUV into a real mud crocodile? Is it possible to make a car that is not too different from the stock one, and will perform well in off-road conditions? The company’s specialists 4x4TRAVEL will help you to understand this question.

The SUV is stuck

Let’s try to figure out what should be installed on the car to conquer easy off-road.

To begin with, to conquer new places, you should get a rack and pinion Jack. This useful thing can solve a lot of problems that can be encountered in the off-road world. Continue reading

Testing GARMIN Sport PRO

Good day friends!

I’ll start with the fact that not so long ago from the administration of the hunting forum Siberian Hunter (www.hunting.ru), I received an offer to test Garmin products (www.garmin.ru) – long and well-known in the Russian market.

I gladly agreed.

First, this is a real opportunity to learn something new in the field of electronics for hunting needs, and secondly: to test this equipment yourself and share your feelings with hunters like me. Continue reading

The visit to Tyumen

In mid-June, as one of the editors of our site, I was invited to an information tour organized by the Department of consumer market and tourism of the Tyumen region. The purpose of the expedition is to get acquainted with the potential of the region in terms of tourism business development, trophy hunting and fishing.

Without thinking twice, I gladly agreed. I want to tell you about my journey through this amazing land in this report.

The first day

Acquaintance with Tyumen, with the culture and history of the region began immediately after placing in the hotel “Vostok”, which is a kind of multi-storey Museum of local lore. Continue reading

A disease of animals and humans. What you need to know about rabies
Rabies is a disease of animals and people caused by a virus and is a deadly danger. People most often become infected by it after the bite of diseased animals.…


The red Book through the myth-making to the law
EDITOR's NOTE: There has never been such a massive attack on Russian hunting. The most common gray goose, gray duck, turtledove, and similar birds are "driven" into the forbidden list.…


An expert on hunting weapons of the Kalashnikov Concern answers questions about new products based on the MP 155
Not so long ago, together with representatives of the Kalashnikov Concern and the Izhevsk mechanical plant, we invited you to discuss new items based on the famous Mr 155 rifle.…


Recently, we often hear that it is not ethical, morally low, and generally blasphemous to make stuffed animals from harvested wild animals. This question is among the questions about the…